Vision & Mission

Vision of the College:

Dhupguri Girls’ College was established with a vision to foster and cultivate the zeal for learning and education amongst the underprivileged women, especially in this region of Dooars, North Bengal. Developmental programs and governance of a postcolonial state has started to make inroads in this region only in the recent past, and since then a lot of thinking has gone into inducting women in various walks of life that alone can make them stakeholders in an inclusive framework of human growth and development. Since its inception in 2013, this institution has nurtured aspirations for higher education in these remote corners of the rural hinterland, amidst lots of challenges and impediments. We, at Dhupguri Girls’ College believe that the pursuit of higher education in the holistic sense of the term can provide an avenue to these women to empower themselves in the contemporary times. Towards this end, the College aims to provide various academic resources to the students in the form of study materials and various audio-visual learning programs, to bring about a positive change in the rural community and strengthen the networks of knowledge transmission and production thereby opening up avenues for employment opportunities. The enhanced level of awareness through their intellectual pursuits, we believe, will pave the way for innovative practices of thinking in days to come. This vision of the college has continued to grow in the last few years through an optimum utilization of its limited resources and funds. The strength of the institution lies in its potential to cultivate its human resources and instill independent and bold thinking amongst its pupils in a liberal academic environment.


  • To develop a holistic learning program where students are able to embed the knowledge acquired with their lived community practices.
  • To create an academic ambience that can instill a strong love for learning and free thinking in the students.
  • To ensure that students get adequate academic exposure through various in-built ICT guided modules that help them both participate and partake the fruits of the NEP newly introduced in the country.
  • To enable the Faculty Members to reach global standards in terms of their scholarship, research and teaching goals which can facilitate better outcome of the teaching-learning process.
  • To ensure practices of gender sensitization and green environmental measures.
  • To inculcate a positive sense of self-growth among the rural women through best practices of the community.